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Dynamic Extractions HPCCC instruments are coil planet centrifuges of the J-type configuration designed for countercurrent chromatography.

The column is simply a coil of teflon or stainless steel tubing wound in multiple layers on a bobbin. Each instrument contains two identical bobbins mounted on a single rotor. Fluid flow through the bobbins is serial, eliminating the need for balancing. The rotor is contained in a temperature regulated cabinet.

The speed of rotation is controlled by a self-contained electronics module and is variable between 200 and 1600rpm. Control of the HPCCC can be either manual from the front panel or remote through chromatography software).

The Spectrum and Midi instruments contain both a small, method development (analytical) column and a preparative column. Choice of instrument is based upon desired sample loading. The larger the column the greater the sample capacity.

Column volumes range from 22mL to 6L. All columns are designed to be dynamically similar, simplifying scaleup. 

HPCCC Instrument Comparison


Midi Maxi


Analytical and Semi-Preparative

Analytical and Preparative or Preparative only



Method development and lab scale prep up to several grams

Prep – tens to hundreds of grams/day

Pilot scale production – hundreds grams to kilogram/day

Typical Solvent Consumption per Separation (L)


3.5 21


HPCCC Column Comparison

Volume (mL)

I.D. (mm)

Typical Average Loading (g)

Typical Flow Rate (mL/min)

Analytical 22 0.8 0.15 0.5-2.0 Spectrum/Midi
Semi Preparative 134 1.6 1 3-12 Spectrum
Preparative 940 4.0 7 21-84 Midi
Pilot 6000 TBD 45 125-500 Maxi